Where did it all start?

There are many rumours why Harrybasco was created. One is that Big H destroyed his palate during a drunken bet, when he ate a deep fried prickly pear without skinning it and since then he required spicy food just to taste anything. Another one is that the boss was born under the most elusive star sign of all: The Habanero, a star sign spotted only for one day in February every 100 years, it appears just below Orion’s Belt where his testi……. (um never mind) while Uranus is rising. Another is that his mother mistook chilli flakes for chocolate sprinkles when she baked his first birthday cake. We just like to think that Big H digs chilli sauce and ate a lot of it until the other “basco” he loved became too expensive and he decided to make his own.

It doesn’t matter which one of these legends you believe, the truth is about 10 years ago Harrybasco was created through lots of trial and error, in a small kitchen, on a farm outside of Bapsfontein (good thing there were chillies on this farm). Many people were injured during this process because many people had to help with the testing and several samples were too strong, too weak or just plain terrible. As the legend would have it after 44 tries (read the bottle) he had a product he was proud of.

He promptly named it Harryasco until somebody told the big man that it sounds like Harry’s ass company, a B was quickly added and Harrybasco was born.

Big H never intended on selling the stuff, it was for himself and friends and family, but the more people tasted it the more they suggested he should start selling it, and would you believe it, with eight years of nagging they finally convinced him.

Harry’s friend Mornè (the one who pushed him the hardest) printed some labels and stuck them on bottles and Harrybasco was released onto the world.

And that my dear friends is where Harrybasco is at the moment. Making sauce, developing new ones, selling product, creating distribution, making friends, all in the name of world domination.

Let's get saucy...

Did you know: Harrybasco sauce is made from natural ingredients, preservative free, MSG free and sugar free. It’s vegetarian friendly, vegan friendly, banting and for that matter, every-diet friendly. Loaded with vitamin C! So, it’s not just a pretty taste…. it’s actually good for you too!

Recipe no.44

To say it took Big Harry 44 times to perfect his recipe would be an overstatement. You see the man loves the number 4 and when he didn’t get it right on try 4 or 14 we think he conked it up on purpose till he made it to 44.

But that doesn’t matter to us because since that 44th attempt Harrybasco has been good on anything, and we mean anything.

The Boss even had a few shakes on his breakfast cereal.

Made with natural ingredients:

Chillies, Garlic, Salt, Vinegar and a Whole Lotta Love (he also loves Rock and Roll)

Recipe .45

To say this is recipe number 45 would be another lie. When the Boss set out to make a hotter sauce one of his friends suggested it should kick like a Colt .45. “Now that’s a good idea” he thought, “I’ll just follow recipe 44 with 45”

Unfortunately it did not work out that way. The real recipe 45 didn’t feel right. It was missing that one thing it was created for: Kick!

Never one to be discouraged (it took 44 times to get the first recipe right) Big Harry used some insane wizardry and mad scientist skills to create what you now hold in your hand. If it was recipe 59 or 87 that he was happy with, we will never know.

We just know that it is now know as recipe .45 and it kicks like the Colt .45 that it was named after, while still being tasty.

Made with natural ingredients:

Habanero Chillies, Garlic, Salt, Vinegar and a Whole Lotta Love (he still loves Rock and Roll)

Recipe no.46

We all know the story of Big H’s 44 attempts to get recipe 44 perfect. One of these attempts lead to what you are now holding in your hand. The Boss deemed it too mild and was about to throw it away when his brother tried it and loved it.

Since then, baby brother has been getting a secret stash every year, and finally convinced Big H to release it to you chilli lovin’ folks. So here you go, recipe 46 (because he can’t remember the original number) for the milder ones.

Made with natural ingredients:

Jalapeño chilli, Salt, Vinegar, Garlic and a Whole Lotta Rock and Roll

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